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Ms. Freeland's style might be described as contemporary impressionism with a strong inclination toward hyperrealism.

Her tenacity for depicting her subjects leaves no doubt that the finished product is often close to earning the qualification of "superb".

Carolyn M. Freeland

Carolyn M. Freeland

(941) 575-9418


Artist Statement

Experiencing art, whether others' or my own, is a genuine joy. The process of putting pencil to paper or brush to canvas has given me a new vision to truly "see" the object of my drawing: to "see" the details. I treasure the challenge of translating the impression of those details into shapes and color as I endeavor to perfect my style. I look around our world and there is so much beauty: in nature, in scenery, in the architecture of buildings, in the faces of loved ones and those we encounter. I continue to pursue a variety of subjects and "themes," being in no hurry to stay with just one. I find I can create images, whether in pencil or oil, that celebrate life and bring smiles and, in some cases, tears to others' faces.

A number of my pencil drawings and oil paintings have been shown in the Visual Art Center's gallery in Punta Gorda, FL; many are hanging in private collections around the country. Among my repertoire are portraits; landscapes depicting areas of the Grand Canyon, Greece, and St. Michaels, MD; sailing vessels and race cars; Southwest Florida egrets, Antarctica penguins, and horses in Arizona.

Awesome Canyon

"Awesome Canyon"